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Polymer 2 and TypeScript

Published: 09-12-2017 webdevelopment

For reasons beyond my control I’m working with Polymer 2 at the moment. Although the idea of web components is great, the choice for HTML imports that comes with Polymer 2 makes integration into a modern development stack cumbersome, as will become c...

Reducing cyclomatic complexity with functional operators

Published: 02-10-2017 webdevelopment

Reducing the cyclomatic complexity in a JavaScript application is a good, quantifiable way to make code more readable and maintainable.

Cyclomatic complexity increases as more control statements are used. For a summary of the factors that influence c...

Polymer 2 and Redux

Published: 30-07-2017 webdevelopment

The coming time I will be spending a lot of time developing in Polymer 2.0, so I’ve done some research and made a small project to test some aspects of setting up a real-world application with it. It is in this repo. It contains two basic elements (p...

KnockoutJS and ES6

Published: 07-05-2016 webdevelopment

In the past year I’ve made some ES6 projects, for instance HomeRemote, an ES6 flavored React project. My company mainly uses a KnockoutJS based theme and it would be an improvement to introduce ES6 to this theme. The combination of Knockout and ES6 i...

npm without internet

Published: 07-07-2015 webdevelopment

It’s easy to run npm to install packages even on a system without internet access, or behind a corporate firewall. First note that npm has proxy settings, so if you have access to the correct credentials, try that first.

Let’s assume you’re developin...

Fronteers 2014: A Glossary

Published: 15-04-2015 webdevelopment

As I noted in my previous post about Fronteers 2014 there were not as many talks about usable new techniques or tools as I would have liked. This doesn’t mean that no interesting new terms were mentioned. That’s why I will supply a list of the subjec...

Discourse on Ubuntu 14.04

Published: 16-11-2014 mypc

I wanted to try and use Docker after hearing such great things about it. Since I might want to roll out a decent forum at some point, I wanted to look into installing Discourse. For the moment, this will be done on my desktop.

I start with the instal...

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