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mypc - 9800 GTX FTL!

I've upgraded my videocard to the XFX Nvidia 9800 GTX 512 MB. Altough it kind of maxes out the power requirements of my PSU, it seems to be working fine. That is, I can start Ubuntu and play WoW. Unfortunately, I have *no performance increase whatsoever*. I would've expected more from a €200 videocard. Still get 18fps in moderately populated areas, and I'm still running on a 1280x1024 resolution. Next step is to buy a new 24" monitor, and that will run on 1920x1200, so I wonder what the performance will be. Ofcourse, this seems like a driver problem. Spent some hours yesterday installing different drivers. The driver I had in the first place was to old and didn't recognize the videocard. But even after installing drivers from source, still no improvement.
by Martin @ 12:23 12 July 2008