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This is some of the software I build on my own time and of which I think someone might want to use it. Most of it is open source, just check it out.
Also see Robotics

by Martin @ 13:43 4 April 2010


Today I release the very small drupal module Polska. Read below for details!

by Martin @ 22:24 24 July 2012

Insignificant 2

I released version 2 of Insignificant!

by Martin @ 19:48 19 February 2012


I've released MdeGraph. It's a javascript library for creating canvas based graphs. Below is an example, with the same data as the (static) graph in this article.

by Martin @ 10:05 25 November 2011


I have developed a Firefox add-on that, once set up correctly, can bookmark the current site to your delicious.com account with 1 click.

Download it here (right-click, Save Link As):
bottylicious.xpi 0.4 30kB

Licensing: this is distributed under the Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license. For as far as I know, I'm in my right to do this. If Mozilla policy says different, they're right. If you like to see the source, just unzip the xpi.

This is an alpha version, I'm giving out no guarantees, and it might destroy your entire Firefox installation. Just so you know ;)

by Martin @ 17:57 3 April 2010


Now, you too can be insignificant! (31-1-2009)

Update (5-2-2011) Working on a new version.

by Martin @ 22:41 31 January 2009

The Valificator

Converts embed code snippets from Youtube and Google a.o. to valid XHTML 1.1.

by Martin @ 12:00 29 September 2007


Using this simple tool you can calculate the date x weeks away from any date.

by Martin @ 12:00 27 December 2006


Using GMail you can convert an PDF to HTML (by sending it to yourself, and clicking "view as HTML"). The result will have a separator every page, but it is still one HTML file. Sometimes you would want this split up in one file per page. This peace of software (written in Java) does exactly that, and creates a nice Table of Contents for easy navigating.

by Martin @ 12:00 20 December 2006


This converts the Ipod library.xml from xml to Excel sheet.




by Martin @ 12:00 19 December 2006