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mypc - A Crafty Project

I want to work out more and play more WoW, so why not combine the two?

Currently, snoer is used as a mediaplayer/streamer with XBMC installed, but it has a 80GB HDD, so if I make it dual-boot and resize XBMC to 30GB, the remaining 50GB should be enough for Ubuntu 11.10 (ca. 5GB?) and WoW (25GB on my desktop at the moment).

Then I just tape a spare keyboard to my hometrainer and I should be ready to grind in both RL and WoW at the same time!

Installing Ubuntu 10.11 was a breeze, automatically resized the XBMC partition and updated grub to dualboot. Configuring wifi was a bit weird, because I had to remove and add the connection a couple of times, switched off wpa en then re-enabled wpa, removed and re-added the connection and now it works.

Installing wine and then WoW: looking good so far.

Enabling remote desktop: this is now an application called "desktop sharing", the underlying program is vino.

Getting my MSI powerlan adapters to work (all three at the same time) was a bit of a challenge, but what seemed to help was to reset all to factory settings and adding them again to the network.

It all seems to work pretty well, to bad my scroll of resurrection has expired by now. Oh well, at least I'll be able to stream movies from my server while working out.

by Martin @ 16:46 7 November 2011