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mypc - Lightscribe in Ubuntu

When I got my new optical drive with lightscribe support, I thought getting lightscribe to work in Ubuntu would be a walk in the park.

Of course, it's never that easy. After following these instructions, the 4L program, that should allow for burning image, is just not detecting the drive. I tried following the suggestions as per this post and this post but 4L-gui keeps giving "no drives found".

I even thought it might work to install the Windows software in the Windows XP VM I have, but when the burning should start, even though I can see it access the drive, then a "communication error" arises.

Fortunately, the Linux native SimpleLabeler (that only prints text) does immediately recognize the drive: HL-DT-ST on /dev/sr0. And it works flawlessly!!

by Martin @ 14:53 1 June 2013