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mypc - Solo

saturday 22 march i started experiencing... uhm... difficulties starting Solo. Most of the time I had no image at all, not even the POST screen or the videocard version display. Sometimes it even froze during the POST screen. During debugging it even froze inside the BIOS setup, never new that was possible. Furthermore, most of the times I *was* able to log in to Solo. Therefore I reasoned that I might be a videocard issue. I'm still not certain what it was, but having no spare videocard at hand, I tried flashing the BIOS. I updated the version 1101 from 2006/08/11 for the 2602 from 2008/01/28 (for my ASUS P5W DH Deluxe mainbord). Since then I've booted three times, and froze the first time. The other two times it didn't freeze. It froze when booting had completed, in the OS. This didn't occur frequently before I flashed the BIOS, but I'm still careful in saying that it's fixed now.
by Martin @ 10:10 31 March 2008