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mypc - Solo

I bought a Hercules SmartTV Stereo TV card. My old tv card is no longer supported (VideoHighway Extreme), and stopped working half a year ago. Surprisingly, the software supplied by SmartTV (cyberlink PowerVCR II 3.0) doesn't work. It crashes when the program is started. On any pc I try it. Using VirtualDub I can get images from the tuner, but this is surely not the way to work! Unfortunately I already wasted 3 days on this malfunctioning software. I also upgraded to windows XP, ME was unstable for a while. I should've bought the Pinnacle PCTV Pro in the first place, but it required a free serial port which I didn't have. Let's try throwing away that old modem. I've only been using it for telebanking.
by Martin @ 11:58 6 February 2003