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mypc - Solo

I fished up the videocard from DarkYoda, a S3Trio64V2 Virge. I've booted it three times so far, and it did not freeze in POST, so that's a good sign. I must say I was pretty suprised when it started up gnome... 800x600, sure, but it worked. Unfortunately, I had another problem the first time I booted. After correctly starting and using it for a while, after leaving it unattended and returning it was showing errors when clicking any open program or starting new programs, claiming they "could not be found". This may off course be totally unrelated to the boot problem, althought it is suscpicous it happened. It has happened once before some time ago. It may be caused by errors=remount-ro in the fstab, but I have no means of checking this. I fsck'ed my partitions, and did not see errors, but I should really check the logs.
by Martin @ 10:12 2 April 2008