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mypc - Solo

Since I had a lot perfectly OK boots after I installed the S3Trio64 videocard, I thought it was time to reinstall my 7600GS, too see if the issue re-appears. Otherwise, that would just be plain strange, wouldn't it? You guessed it: it didn't re-appear. I've booted it three times, all were OK so far. No clue what could've caused the problems. I did install the videocard in the secundary PCI-e slot, instead of the primary, where it used to be. Maybe the mainboard is broken after all. I'll leave it like this, since it's working (for now), altough as a minor drawback, I can't really use my KVM switch, because the cables of the keyboard and mouse are connected to the video connector, and that is lower on my mainbord then it used to be (because its in the secundary PCI-e slot). Remains one option: try if the issues re-appear, when I place the 7600GS in the primary PCI-e slot. But I'll leave that for some other time.
by Martin @ 10:12 5 April 2008