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mypc - Solo

Acquired a Sapphire ATI Radeon 9600 (256MB DDR), but... when I got it, it was a so called "Lite Retail" package, and no DVI to VGA dongle was included. I had to order it separately at a price of EUR 15. The card itself was EUR 128. I bought this card in the first place, because I could use both of my monitors with only one VGA (using Hydravision). Unfortunately, after installing the VGA PowerDVD didn't work properly. It got choppy when I activated both of my monitors. Later on I found out that PowerDVD 5 supports Hydravision, but my version (3) didn't. And installing under Linux was quite a breeze compared to other installs I've done. That was mainly caused by the wonderful package on the ATI website (an rpm) that lets you configure step by step, even usage of two monitors and tv-out. Now I only have to adjust my secondary monitor to fill up my screen, but I'll have to figure that out later because modlines are not supported the way I've configured XF86Config now. BTW, I bought some new (silver) roundcables (floppy and 2 IDE) and a case-fan, all from coolermaster, working really good.
by Martin @ 12:10 9 February 2004