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mypc - UG007 mod

Some time back I bought a UG007 Android Stick on dx.com. It's WIFI reception is not enough for my purposes, so I'm trying to enhance the signal analogously to this tutorial.

I wondered how to open it, but since it's tugged away nicely I could always duct-tape it together. In the end I just pried it apart with a fine screwdriver, braking of only a small amount of the pegs...

This is the top:

UG007 top

This is the bottom:

UG007 bottom

Upon opening I noticed there is already an antenna soldered on the PCB, which is great, because it means I won't have to solder directly onto the board. It uses an amazing strip of metal as an antenna:

UG007 before

My colleague was brave enough to solder on the new antenna for me, and now it looks like this:

UG007 after

Where before I could barely detect one AP from one of my neighbours, now I can see 10 APs!

Unfortunately, the connection is not very stable, so I won't be streaming HD video over my local network, but for checking the weather, small games and youtube it's good enough. I did have a problem a couple of days later with my router/modem and had to restart everything, although it is unclear if it has to do anything with this stick. And after rebooting the stick, the MAC address changes every time, so that will keep my busy for now.

by Martin @ 12:44 2 May 2013