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Fronteers 2012: CSS

Just like last year, this post is an reduced version of the talk by the inimitable Lea Verou with inline demo's. It's based on the video recording of her talk and her slides.

by Martin @ 14:50 9 April 2013

On Sass and Compass

Yesterday, I attended a training on Sass and Compass by Roy Tomeij organised by Fronteers. Sass is a CSS meta language and compiles to CSS, to make it easier to maintain than CSS yet still usable in the same browsers.

by Martin @ 8:02 12 September 2012

Fronteers 2011: Experimental Features

This article discusses some experimental browser features from several talks at Fronteers 2011. Since these are experimental features it doesn't work predictably across all browsers. Try Firefox 10+ or Chrome 17+ to see it the way I intended it to work.

by Martin @ 17:21 28 January 2012

Fronteers 2011: CSS

Warning! This article might crash Internet Explorer!

This is the first in - what I hope will be - a series of articles on the useful information I received from visiting the Fronteers 2011 conference in Amsterdam last October. Like my articles of last year's conference, I will not give a talk-by-talk summary, but rather pick out the subjects that interest me most and expand on those subjects, while referring to the original talks to give credits due.

by Martin @ 22:47 3 December 2011

Fronteers 2010: CSS

Before I dive into some spectacular features of CSS3, let me say something about CSS attributes.

by Martin @ 12:06 21 January 2011

Fronteers 2010: JavaScript

You can ask anyone that I used to be quite sceptical on building sites that depend on the use of JavaScript. Time has not stood still however.

by Martin @ 22:41 18 November 2010

Fronteers 2010: HTML

This is a transcription of a presentation I held recently concerning my visit to the Fronteers 2010 conference.

by Martin @ 12:55 15 November 2010