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I've released MdeGraph. It's a javascript library for creating canvas based graphs. Below is an example, with the same data as the (static) graph in this article.

by Martin @ 10:05 25 November 2011


Timetravel and mind reading all in one day. What's next? Cars that can drive upside down?

by Martin @ 12:20 24 September 2011

Reviving a laptop

I was "reviving" a laptop for a friend. Just had to run the restore CD's and everything should be done. Of course, it is never that simple...

by Martin @ 10:30 22 August 2011

Vista Hard Disk Activity

When a friend complains their PC is slow, what do you do? Some people I know would advise buying a new PC. Or a Mac. But not me, because as we all know, I am masochistic. After all, I code standard compliant HTML.

by Martin @ 10:15 20 July 2011

On Specs: OS Disk Size

I recently wondered if the required disk space for common operating systems was stagnating. Yes, I must agree that I sometimes wonder about weird stuff.

by Martin @ 16:26 19 July 2011

IE8 Switches To Compatibility View

I've said it before and I'll say it again: This is the life! Struggling for days with some obscure IE bug!

by Martin @ 10:03 15 July 2011

Onchange Is Fired Twice In IE

Ahhh, this is the life: struggling for days with some obscure IE bug.

I have an onchange attribute with a jQuery AJAX call on a HTML dropdown that gives strange errors. But only in IE (8, didn't try it in other versions). When replacing the AJAX call with an alert, like so:

<select onchange="alert('onchange');">...</select>

it becomes clear that the onchange is triggered twice. This was also confirmed in the IE Developer Tools window, but I can't use that to debug further.

by Martin @ 8:42 15 July 2011

Facebook Lockdown - A Profile as Private as Possible

I don't like social media. I don't typically like social anything. Nevertheless a lot of people like Facebook and some of them seem to want to talk to me, through facebook. So I would like to enable them to do that, without the fear that people post messages on my Facebook page (by accident?) for the world to see.

My goal is to only allow private messages and accepting friend requests.


Connecting on Facebook > View Settings
- Search for you on Facebook -> Everyone
- Send you friend requests -> Everyone

by Martin @ 14:46 28 June 2011


I've recently released autorijschool-relo.nl. It should be HTML5 and CSS3 compliant with fallbacks using modernizr. Let me know it you have trouble viewing it!

by Martin @ 9:25 31 March 2011

Happy Pi Day!

The Pi Pie

With many thanks to http://sophiastaarten.nl!

by Martin @ 12:24 14 March 2011