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Fronteers 2010: CSS

Before I dive into some spectacular features of CSS3, let me say something about CSS attributes.

by Martin @ 12:06 21 January 2011

Fronteers 2010: JavaScript

You can ask anyone that I used to be quite sceptical on building sites that depend on the use of JavaScript. Time has not stood still however.

by Martin @ 22:41 18 November 2010

Fronteers 2010: HTML

This is a transcription of a presentation I held recently concerning my visit to the Fronteers 2010 conference.

by Martin @ 12:55 15 November 2010

Mobile Site

I've modified the main site theme and added a subdomain to view it on mobile devices: http://m.mdworld.nl.
If you're viewing this with the mobile style, you can switch to desktop with a link all the way down the bottom of the page.

by Martin @ 21:19 30 April 2010

The 1 Second Film

I now support the The 1 Second Film, check out my profile. Please join and help us reach the goal of one million members. It's charity, so you can donate too!

by Martin @ 13:32 8 April 2010


I have developed a Firefox add-on that, once set up correctly, can bookmark the current site to your delicious.com account with 1 click.

Download it here (right-click, Save Link As):
bottylicious.xpi 0.4 30kB

Licensing: this is distributed under the Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license. For as far as I know, I'm in my right to do this. If Mozilla policy says different, they're right. If you like to see the source, just unzip the xpi.

This is an alpha version, I'm giving out no guarantees, and it might destroy your entire Firefox installation. Just so you know ;)

by Martin @ 17:57 3 April 2010

New Design

I've modernised the site somewhat. Here's the tools I use:

* Drupal 6
* PHP 5
* MySQL 5
* HTML 5
* CSS 3
* JQuery
* W3C CSS Template Layout, jQuery implementation

I've left a screenshot of the old design after the break.

by Martin @ 12:56 27 March 2010

Marianne is in Zuid-Afrika!

En ze heeft een blog.

by Martin @ 19:46 22 February 2010


I've joined the fight against malaria for a while:

malariacontrol stats

by Martin @ 17:46 17 December 2009

Zero Wing Haiku

move out every zig
they have set up us the bomb
go for great justice

by Martin @ 14:44 17 June 2009