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mdworld - darkyoda


[19 apr 2004] Finished the Koffermod (fan, on/off button). For the complete show, check out http://www.mdworld.nl/mypc/darkyoda/.
[01 jul 2004] Keep getting kernel panics. Upgraded from slackware 8.1 to 9.1, but doesn't seem to help. Maybe its the

by Martin @ 12:00 19 April 2004

Yoda's old log entries

[jan 2003] installed Red Hat Linux 7.2 (got it lying around). Works like a charm.
[28 jan 2003] after studying of man's and usenet finally got Samba working the way I wanted it.
[02 feb 2003] trying to install a 3rd(!) harddisk using a 3,5"->5,1/4" bracket. Always wanted to try this. Unfortunately can't find what jumper sets is to slave, so it overrules the cd-rom drive.

by Martin @ 13:00 1 January 2003

Aquired Yoda

Acquired it. M$ Windows 95 was installed. I decide to use it as a fileserver for the M$ pc's in the network. Perhaps later as a printer server.

by Martin @ 12:00 1 January 2003