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mypc - Yoda's old log entries

[jan 2003] installed Red Hat Linux 7.2 (got it lying around). Works like a charm.
[28 jan 2003] after studying of man's and usenet finally got Samba working the way I wanted it.
[02 feb 2003] trying to install a 3rd(!) harddisk using a 3,5"->5,1/4" bracket. Always wanted to try this. Unfortunately can't find what jumper sets is to slave, so it overrules the cd-rom drive.
[23 feb 2003] hooked up yoda to my new hub (3com 8-port 10 Mbit). Makes everything a lot easier, even though I've not planned to keep yoda online pemanently. SSH (22) is routed to it.
[03 mar 2003] I installed a HD frame. Just turn the key, and the 3(!) fans turn on, BIOS detects the harddisk and mounts it on /mnt/changeling.
[14 jul 2003] renewed the install of Redhat 7.2 because the HD frame kind of screwed it up. Inglorion told me it could run X11, but I think I misunderstood when I thought that meant it can run Gnome :-P
[oct 2003] I tried installing morphix light-gui, which works fine (I upgraded memory to 96MB EDO).
But, because morphix doesn't run any servers I installed mulinux (standard thttpd, ftp, telnet,
ssh, even sendmail but I don't use that yet). I think that if I cut of everything but the 1st
harddrive, the NIC, and the VGA then it's possible to get the power consumption below 60 Watts.

[10 feb 2004] Put my old s3 Trio64v2 from Solo in Yoda. This is because I thought that the shaking
image when Yoda is in graphics mode was caused by the monitor, but it stayed after changing
monitors. Now it is OK. I tried to install Undead linux but it consumed the entire 2GB on the
major drive /dev/hda. Now looking for a small, fast (i.e. lightweight), self-configuring linux
[12 feb 2004] Installed Vector Linux, derived from Slackware, which runs X11 after
minor tinkering with IceWM, very fast (even on this configuration), very small (230 MB download).
Installed apache succesfully, but got some problems with php, strangely enough.
[08 apr 2004] Complete revision of Yoda. So large that it made me decide to change the name. To DarkYoda. Because it's big, bad and dark! I aquired new hardware: asus p2b mainboard,
pentium II 333MHz, 128 MB SDRAM. I've installed Slackware 8.1 (also on solo), because I know that it works well with samba, ghc, LAMP, and pdflatex. The
largest revision of yoda is actually its casing. I couldn't fit it in the old case, so I decided to finally build a koffermod (suitecase-mod). It's almost finished now, I
only have to add a casefan, so I can run DarkYoda with the case closed ;-)
(old hardware, Yoda: picture OS: Vector Linux, Processor: Cyrix 6x86MX PR 200, RAM: 96 MB EDO, 2 GB Seagate and 1,2 GB Seagate)

by Martin @ 13:00 1 January 2003