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Out of Reach

Because in our new house there is an actual steel reinforced concrete wall between my router and most of my house, there's no WLAN signal anywhere but in my study. That's why, with pain in my heart, I had to say goodbye to my old trusted Linksys WRT54g router and got a Linksys WRT320N dual channel 802.11n router. Because the old adapter I used in snoer didn't support WPA, I also got a new USB adapter, a Linksys WUSB600N. Too bad, off course there's no Linux driver for the adapter.
by Martin @ 20:33 28 September 2009


This used to be my work laptop, Dell 800, pretty heavy specs. Got a new one from work (Dell 820, even heavier specs!!). I got the chance to buy it for a *special price*.
by Martin @ 9:22 7 July 2006