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mdworld - mypc


I havent't used C3PO for a while now, so recently I reinstalled it with Windows XP nLite (stripped version of Windows XP), so my girlfriend can use it (i.e. she *thinks* linux is complicated!). It's worth noting that the monitor only seems to work well with a resolution of 1024x768. I rigged it with a WiFi card, because soon, when we'll move, I am going to use a Linksys WRT54G router.
by Martin @ 9:24 23 October 2005


Bought a Black Cherry Keyboard and a Logitech MX310 optical mouse. Up till now, I had a 6 year old keyboard and mouse, they just wore out. I also had some weird crashes lately, XP would load normally, but after a minute or so, power shuts off suddenly. No warnings, just PlOOP, power-off, like pulling out the plug. I figured it was the cheap-ass Q-tech PSU, so this time I bought a R34l P1mp PSU by Cooler Master, the RS-450-ACLY Real Power 450W for EUR 82. It features blue neon and a 12 cm intake fan and a power consumption monitor, for in your 3,5" drive!
by Martin @ 12:57 1 January 2005


Bought these pair of Acer AL1714 17" TFT panels!
by Martin @ 11:56 8 September 2004


Made an image of the fresh installation.
by Martin @ 11:55 9 August 2004


Windows crashed badly. Removed all my settings. I am fed up. Formatted C and reinstalled windows XP. It was a hardware error in the 80 GB Maxtor drive. I disconnected it. Also lost my Slackware installation, because I used it's space to install windows XP, without having to repartition the 200 GB harddrive.
by Martin @ 11:13 6 August 2004

Building the case

after months of work I finally finished the tiny 18x18x8 cm case, made from painted black steel and green acrylic glass. Everything just about fitted in. And then... it got hot. It probably was the harddrive. And because I want it to be silent, I refuse to install a fan (not that it would fit into the case). So I bought a special mini-itx case. See the picture above. It works fine, I can control everything through tightVNC, but KVM are attached. - edit - 12 july 2008: added pictures. Why didn't I add them?
by Martin @ 13:00 6 July 2004


Put R2D2 away in a closet. Didn't use it anyway (the harddrive is too noisy) and needed the space to store Tiefighter.
by Martin @ 10:11 6 July 2004

Aquiring the parts

bought the via epia M6000 motherboard (with the C3 Eden 600MHz cpu) and a silent PSU (very silent: its a block adapter without a fan). The motherboard supports DDR266, so I bought 128 MB PC2100, but it didn't work. After a couple of trips to the computershop I swapped it for 256MB DDR @ 333MHz and that works fine (odd)! Installed it into a old case, and ordered the acrylglass and lights...
by Martin @ 13:58 11 May 2004


[19 apr 2004] Finished the Koffermod (fan, on/off button). For the complete show, check out http://www.mdworld.nl/mypc/darkyoda/.
[01 jul 2004] Keep getting kernel panics. Upgraded from slackware 8.1 to 9.1, but doesn't seem to help. Maybe its the

by Martin @ 12:00 19 April 2004


So, it's done. Upgraded my cpu to the Athlon XP 2400+ Thoroughbred (I could buy a 2600+ for EUR 50 more, but that seemed a waste on a cost of EUR 75). I installed 512 MB Twinmos PC-2700 DDR (EUR 89) and a new low-noise 400 Watt (gold colored) Q-tech PSU (EUR 30). My current configuration.
by Martin @ 11:11 28 March 2004