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mdworld - mypc


I bought a Hercules SmartTV Stereo TV card. My old tv card is no longer supported (VideoHighway Extreme), and stopped working half a year ago. Surprisingly, the software supplied by SmartTV (cyberlink PowerVCR II 3.0) doesn't work. It crashes when the program is started. On any pc I try it. Using VirtualDub I can get images from the tuner, but this is surely not the way to work!
by Martin @ 11:58 6 February 2003


partitioning worked! using Apple HD SC Setup from the DTools75.zip disk. Followed instructions from Beowoof. Copied bootdisk to harddrive and oh yes! Then I copied the (19!) installation floppy's. But the .smi won't open. I'll try to install Disccopy.
by Martin @ 11:29 29 January 2003


finally found bootdisks that can be installed from a PC (I have just one Mac) @ macgeek
by Martin @ 11:26 28 January 2003


Up and running EZ-NOS webserver using Caldera Dr.DOS. Still waiting for a hub to make it permanent. And a way to run it from the harddisk
by Martin @ 11:08 21 January 2003


Genius pocket LAN adapter seems to be broken all along. Exchanged it.
by Martin @ 11:08 20 January 2003

Yoda's old log entries

[jan 2003] installed Red Hat Linux 7.2 (got it lying around). Works like a charm.
[28 jan 2003] after studying of man's and usenet finally got Samba working the way I wanted it.
[02 feb 2003] trying to install a 3rd(!) harddisk using a 3,5"->5,1/4" bracket. Always wanted to try this. Unfortunately can't find what jumper sets is to slave, so it overrules the cd-rom drive.

by Martin @ 13:00 1 January 2003

Aquired Yoda

Acquired it. M$ Windows 95 was installed. I decide to use it as a fileserver for the M$ pc's in the network. Perhaps later as a printer server.

by Martin @ 12:00 1 January 2003


Installed MS DOS.
by Martin @ 11:07 1 December 2002


Installed Minix, just to find out there are no drivers for the Genius under Unix, I should've know better.
by Martin @ 11:05 1 December 2002


Got a Genius pocket LAN adapter to link the parallel port to my UTP LAN. Decided to use it as a VERY SILENT and VERY LOW POWER webserver.
by Martin @ 11:05 1 December 2002